Panel Changes and Service Upgrades

Panel Changes

Fonthill Electric can change your old fuse panel to a new breaker panel.

If incorrectly sized fuses are installed in a fuse panel there is potential for wiring to overheat and cause a fire. 

Older fuse panels also often lack the circuit capacity required for a modern home, and as a result several smaller sub panels have been installed, making for a cluttered looking electrical area with no room for expansion. Installation of a new breaker panel tidies up the area, correctly protects wiring with correctly sized resettable breakers and allows you to add any circuits required for future renovations or additions.

Service Upgrades

If you require a larger service size for your home, due to additions like a new apartment, addition, shop or hot tub, Fonthill Electric can help you assess your electrical requirements and if needed increase your service size to handle any current or future needs.Some older homes still have a 60 amp service which is well below the minimum 100 amp service required for a modern day home.If you currently have a 100 amp service, but have added multiple large use items, a load calculation can be done to assess whether or not you require an upgrade to a 200 amp service.